In 2015, a fellow grower challenged our approach to asparagus harvest when he referred to our 5 man carts as old fashioned. He was using 3 man carts and suggested that they were so much more efficient. We had been using 5 man carts on our farms for almost 60 years. We asked ourselves , if a 3 man cart is more efficient than a 5 man cart, why wouldn’t a 1 man cart be even more efficient? In 2015, we gave the 1 man cart a trial run using 4 carts imported from Europe. While we were frustrated with how these particular units operated we were amazed at the results. Consistently, the employees on these 1 man carts were harvesting between 1.8 – 2.25 more acres as an employee on a 3 or a 5 man cart. The concept works and we proved it in our own fields! In the spring of 2016, and after months of design and engineering work, we built 30 Mantis carts and put them to work in asparagus fields in Canada and the U.S. The Mantis carts work and they work well! In our own fields, employees improved their productivity by as much as 250% compared to employees on 5 man carts.

Explore The Design

Scalable To Fit Your Operation

From hobby to commercial farmer, the Mantis will fit your needs.  In an asparagus operation, 1 Mantis can cover 2.5 to 3 acres per day.  Other applications include but are not limited to Strawberries, Peas and Herbs.


Less Labour. Less Headache.

In this day and age, finding labour to harvest your crop is a daunting task.  By switching to the Mantis, Sandy Shore Farms went from 150 to 90 labourers in the field to cover their 280 acres of asparagus.  It has made finding labour that much easier.

Reduce Fatigue

Utilizing the Mantis significantly reduces worker fatigue. The Mantis’ ergonomic design makes the job of harvest a much more attractive position, helping with hiring and retaining field labourers.

Harvesting your Crop Has Never Been Easier

The Mantis is equipped with a Honda GX160 engine with a simple hydraulic design. It is engineered with a self centering cylinder keeping your harvesters straight on the row.  You or your hired labour will easily learn to operate the Mantis. It’s ergonomic design and ease of use allows the operator to focus on harvesting the crop as opposed to operating equipment. The Mantis is built using simple and readily available parts. Harvesting your crop has never been easier.

Robust Hydraulics
Powered by Honda
Reputable Parts

Technical Specs.


The MantisV6 is compact and versatile. At 92” the length of the machine has been kept as short as possible to facilitate efficient turning at the end of a row and allow for easy transportation of the machine from farm to farm. Being 58” from outside to outside of the tires allows you to work in rows from 40” to 48” with beds as wide as 29”.


Keeping things simple and reliable is our goal. An Industry leading custom made variable speed control valve gives the operator infinite ability to adjust to crop conditions. The system is low pressure and will give you years of dependable service when properly maintained.

Self Centering

The hands free self centering steering controls keep your mind on the harvesting of the crop and not the driving of the machine.  This makes your day less stressful and much more productive.

Honda Strong

The legacy of Honda speaks for itself. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Everyone knows Honda provides trusted reliable power with quality components. The GX160 series is proven to be fuel efficient and easy to maintain. The choice was simple.

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